Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online conference?

An online conference is a conference where all our fantastic speakers have made special video presentations for iLactation on their chosen topics. These videos can only be viewed by registered participants during the term of the conference.

Participants can view the presentations on a computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet. Electronic handouts will be available for download.

An online conference is economical – no flights or accommodation needed, and Continuing Education points are affordable! An online conference is convenient – view presentations at any time that suits you! And an online conference is fun – listen to the Rock Stars of Lactation™ as many times as you like, and interact with other iLactation participants on social media!

Who can attend the conference?

Anyone! Anywhere with an internet connection.

How do I know that I’ll be able to watch the presentations?

If you can view the video below, you can see any presentation in the conference. If you cannot see the box which displays the video below this paragraph, please check that you have an up-to-date Flash Player installed. When you complete the update, remember to reload or refresh this page.

(The video says, “Hello and welcome to iLactation! If you can see and hear this video, it means that you can see and hear the presentations that we offer at the iLactation online breastfeeding conference. We hope you enjoy them!”)

Can I download the presentations to watch later?

No, they are not downloadable. They are streamed to you for viewing. You can watch them any time on your computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet during the term of the conference. All you need is an internet connection.

Paypal is not available in my country. How can I register?

Please contact us. You will then receive an email from us explaining how you can pay by direct transfer into our bank account or postal payment. When we receive your payment we will send you an email to confirm your registration details.

I registered a username but haven’t paid yet. What do I do?

Please contact us and we can help you complete your registration.

I paid my registration, but I don’t know how to watch the presentations

Please be sure to log in first, and then you should see the Participants’ Area in the top menu. This is where you will go to view the presentations. If you would like to view the presentations on a phone, the main menu may not appear at the top. Please see the picture here.

Does one registration fee cover all of the presentations?

Yes, one registration payment will give you access to all the presentations at the current conference for the full term of that conference.

Can I get a tax receipt?

Paypal provides an automated receipt when you complete your payment. Please contact us if you need a different kind of receipt.

Help! What’s gone wrong?

If you have technical difficulties please see our Technical Requirements page. There we provide basic troubleshooting for common issues. If you have a different issue, please contact us and we’ll get back to you with a solution as soon as possible.

Are you on Twitter and Facebook?

Yes! We regularly post links to all kinds of interesting articles and information on Twitter and Facebook. We encourage participants to interact with iLactation on Facebook, and on Twitter using the hashtag #ilactation. Scroll down to click on our social media links!

Do you have a discussion forum?

We have a Facebook Discussion group page where you are welcome to discuss the topics and presentations. It is not a place to raise technical issues, nor to ask speakers questions. Speaker questions can be asked through the Participants’ Area.

Can I share the videos from your video gallery?

Yes, we are happy for you to share our video gallery with friends and health professionals. If your local language version is not yet there, and you’d like to translate the video, please contact us, we are happy to expand the gallery!