Ethics Extravaganza

iLactation Conference, Ethics Extravaganza 2017


Ethics Extravaganza 2017


iLactation is pleased to bring you our third Ethics Extravaganza. IBLCE requires a minimum of 5 E CERPs on ethics and related topics for IBCLC recertification.

In response to requests, iLactation is offering 5.25 E CERPs for IBCLCs around the world to help satisfy this requirement.

Ethics Extravaganza 2017 is made up of E CERP presentations from our conferences in the last 18 months and a brand new presentation by Cynthia Good Mojab.




June 1 – 30, 2017


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Anyone interested in the Ethics Extravaganza 2017 is welcome to register and participate. Please note that if you attended previous iLactation conferences which featured these presentations, you can still register and watch the presentations, but you will not be able to claim continuing education points twice for the same content.