Share the LLLove


♥ A little bit of LLLove for Valentine’s Day ♥

for volunteer breastfeeding supporters!

Winners announced for iLactation Little bit of LLLove Scholarships.

iLactation was founded by two IBCLC lactation consultants Iona and Sarah, who have also spent 20 years each as volunteer breastfeeding supporters with La Leche League. We have enormous respect for the time given by volunteers to help mothers breastfeed all over the world, and so for Valentine’s Day, we share a little bit of LLLove with breastfeeding volunteers.

We have awarded full scholarships to attend our upcoming Celebrating breastfeeding online breastfeeding conference to the following volunteer breastfeeding supporters:

Helen Birch, West Herts Breastfeeders, UK
Paula Clay, La Leche League, Texas, USA
Colleen Emary, Breastfeeding Buddies Waterloo Region, Canada
Andini Yulina Pramono, AIMI-ASI, Indonesia
Triin Värnik, Sünni ja Imetamise Eesti Tugiühing, Estonia


The fine print: Little bit of LLLove scholarships are awarded at discretion of iLactation and decisions are final. Health professionals are not eligible for these scholarships, even if also volunteering. Past scholarship winners are not eligible for further scholarships.