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iLactation is not just another online breastfeeding conference!

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That’s because it’s an exciting new venture developed by two passionate lactation consultants who have been living, working, raising their families and helping mothers and babies in Asia for years and years.

We know how challenging and expensive it can be to attend international conferences in the pursuit of up-to-date breastfeeding knowledge and continuing education points. We also understand the unique situation of cross-cultural living, and are committed to furthering the dissemination of information into languages other than English.

Our online conferences offer a convenient, carbon neutral and economical way to access presentations by the top international speakers in the field of breastfeeding and human lactation.  Our presentations will be translated into several languages to ensure that current research and knowledge are better able to reach health professionals around the globe.

iLactation was launched with our fun video What does your mother do? on IBCLC Day 2012.  With over 6,000 hits in 92 countries in three weeks, and now translated into eight languages, it features children around the world talking about their mothers, who all work with breastfeeding mothers and babies.

Sarah Hung BSc (Hons) MSc IBCLC
Photo of Sarah Hung

Sarah was accredited as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in 2001. She has a private practice Lotus Lactation in Hong Kong  and previously worked on the Maternity Ward of the Matilda International Hospital in Hong Kong. Once upon a time she was a mathematician and a transport planner…

Sarah trained in the community with La Leche League and was accredited as a Leader in July 1995 at the 14th International Conference of LLLI in Chicago. She has been helping mothers with breastfeeding problems (in person, over the telephone and via email) and leading meetings in Hong Kong ever since.

Sarah has four children all of whom were breastfed. Her interests include keeping terrapins (click here to see her surprise addition), brick collecting and family history.

Iona Macnab BA (Hons) LLB IBCLC
Photo of Iona Macnab

Iona has helped mothers and babies from Australia, Japan, the USA, Canada, the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, the Middle East and Europe since becoming a La Leche League Leader in Tokyo in 1997, and a professional IBCLC lactation consultant in 2002.

A former lawyer who got distracted by Japan and babies, Iona established Blue Sky, a community for mothers and babies in Tokyo, which has been running since 2001. Her Australian private lactation practice Feed Baby Sleep offers mothers around the world access to unique breastfeeding support via skype and email.

Iona’s three breastfed children were all born outside her home culture, so she knows first-hand how important chocolate and good support for birth and breastfeeding can be when you are far from family and friends.